Puppet Trump
Puppet Trump

Why Puppets? #PuppetTrump

There's good evidence to support the singular effectiveness of humor in resisting authoritarianism. Authoritarians hate laughter (have you ever seen Trump laugh? Like - REALLY laugh?) and the tactics of satire that have been and are being used to protest and resist dictators globally is called "Laughtivism".

You can check out a TedTalk by Srdja Popovic - He has had his hand in the overthrow of Serbian President Milosevic and in the Arab Spring. In this talk, he gives examples how a funny message mocking a regime, created by a single man, can have a stronger effect a thousand-men protest.

In that spirit, PuppetTrump.com was born. Going to March for Science? Protesting in your community? Want to help raise awareness of Steve Bannon’s dangerous agenda and influence? #PuppetTrump can help!

PuppetTrump.com is here to bring some laughtivism to resisting Trump. Let’s make Puppet Trump yuuuuugggge!

"No Puppet ... No Puppet ... You're the Puppet."

Donald Trump
Puppet President (2017 - ?)

Help make #PuppetTrump huuuugggeee!

For every 3 people you share #PuppetTrump with, a kitten kills a tiny part of Trump's ego. Keep the kittens busy. They have their work cut out for them.